What is #12days4good?

The #12days4good social media campaign was first launched by House of Friendship, inspired by the giving spirit during the holiday season, inviting local communities to give back through simple good deeds for 12 consecutive days in December. Simple good deeds can impact our communities in amazing ways!

In 2017, House of Friendship approached Kindred Credit Union to take this campaign of thoughtful, intentional philanthropy forward with the resources it needs. We’re excited to lead this social media campaign!

When are this year’s “12 Days”?

This year, #12days4good begins on December 10 and runs through December 21. During this time we invite you to visit the site daily to read blogs written by our “Do Gooders,” use the hashtag #12days4good when tweeting your own good deeds, and to be inspired by the good in our community.

What is a Do Gooder?

Do Gooders participate in the campaign by writing blogs, visit community events that promote good deeds and local charities, and of course, document the process on their social media channels.

How can I become a Do Gooder?

If you’re interested in becoming a Do Gooder please contact Jennifer Shaw, Community Engagement Specialist, at jennifer.shaw@kindredcu.com.

About Kindred Credit Union

Kindred Credit Union (Kindred) is a member-owned financial cooperative based in Kitchener, Ontario. Kindred’s values-centered approach is woven into everything we do and makes us the one-of-a-kind choice for people across Ontario who want to connect their values and faith with their finances.

Kindred has eight full-service branches in Southwestern Ontario offering a complete range of banking, investing, and borrowing products and services.

Kindred has been in the making for over 50 years and it all began when a group of Mennonites had a radical vision to see mutual aid put into faithful practice – extending access to financial services across our community. That vision is lived out today through our innovative and impactful products, services, and programs.

Integrity, compassion, and stewardship are woven into everything we do. It’s how we treat each other as staff, members, and in community.

We believe values and faith are central to life, and financial decisions are not values neutral.

We strive to provide staff an environment where their work has purpose and provide members with opportunities to bring meaning to their money. This is our commitment to each other and to our members.

Cooperative banking that connects values and faith with finances, inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities.

Banking with Purpose
So, what does ‘Banking with Purpose’ mean? Although we’re not a bank, the word ‘banking’ makes it clear that this is what we do. It’s the line of business we’re in.

‘Purpose’ means seeking after more than just an ordinary life: it means seeking to have an impact. Whether that purpose is faith-inspired or rooted in values, more and more people are seeking to have all aspects of their lives aligned with their beliefs – including their finances. For Kindred, our desire is that there is purpose in everything we do.

*Mutual Aid? (noun) : Mutual aid is a term which simply means to support each other in community. It can be defined as individuals or groups bearing one another’s burdens, helping each other out in times of need. Mutual aid is what our credit union’s founders had in mind when they gathered together to pool their financial resources and help each other and their community over 50 years ago. From its earliest days, Kindred has encouraged mutual aid among its membership. What a simple yet amazingly timely – and timeless – concept!