December 11-22, 2017


Giving Back to Your Community
through Simple Good Deeds

Get into the Spirit of the Season

We challenge you to make Philanthropy the Spirit of your Season.

Sign up and pledge to do 12 consecutive days of good deeds in December. We’ll get you started with a daily theme, examples, and stories of 12 official Do Gooders who will be blogging, tweeting and posting about their good deeds. We'll also give you the tools to join in the conversation and share your good deeds.

Together, we can inspire others to get into the true spirit of the season, and make a BIG difference in our community.

Your Daily Good Deeds

Each day has a theme to inspire you

Day 1: December 11


Share the gift of compassion: help others who need a helping hand, an extra support, a shoulder to lean on.

- Reach out to a friend or family member who may be going through a difficult time
- Donate clothing to a local shelter
- Purchase and donate items or gift cards for people in need (such as Operation Christmas Child and Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region)

-“Sympathy sees and says ‘I’m sorry’.
Compassion sees and says ‘I’ll help’”

Day 2: December 12


Share the gift of inclusion: welcome others to your home, your group, your community.

- Invite a neighbour over
- Learn about inclusion efforts, projects and organizations in the community to see how you can help (such as KidsAbility and Every Kid Counts)
- Include children in your life in conversations around giving back in the community

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford

Day 3: December 13


Share the gift of justice: stand up for others who need their voices to be heard, who need an advocate.

- Sign a petition
- Start a conversation with friends, family and community members to understand justice/injustice in the community
- Recognize and use an opportunity to stand up for someone

"Justice is truth in action" - Benjamin Disraeli

Day 4: December 14


Share the gift of dignity: offer a listening ear to hear another’s story without judgement, dedicate time to someone that many just pass by, express how valuable someone is just because of who they are.

- Take some time to recognize and offer compassion to someone who is being overlooked
- Connect with, learn about and support efforts such as I Choose Dignity
- Learn about the experience of refugees and new citizens in our community

Day 5: December 15


Share the gift of hope: help others see a better future, to take steps in the direction of a better future.

Day 6: December 16

Food Security

Share the gift of food: provide food to those who do not have enough.

- Make a donation to organizations such as Food Bank Waterloo Region, or Nutrition 4 Learning
- Find out about local community gardens and how you can help
- Volunteer your time with a local food program

Day 7: December 17


Share the gift of shelter: provide practical support of food or needed supplies to a local homeless shelter.

- Get involved with/support an organization such as oneROOF
- Check the wishlist of local shelters such as the YWCA

Day 8: December 18


Share the gift of friendship: extend your hand of friendship to others who may be alone, feel alone, be on the periphery or unseen, newcomers.

- Reach out to someone who may have a hard time during the holiday season
- Create an opportunity to meet someone new and make a new friend
- Take the time to talk to someone you haven't heard from or seen in a while

Day 9: December 19


Share the gift of diversity: learn and celebrate another’s customs, beliefs, personal journeys, abilities, challenges.

- Attend an event that celebrates diversity
- Make a donation to a program such as the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre's Community Outreach Program
- Research a cultural background different from your own

Day 10: December 20


Share the gift of youth: encourage and support others who come behind you in age, invest into upcoming generations.

- Reflect on an opportunity to mentor a youth in your life
- Learn about opportunities to volunteer with or donate to organizations such as Strong Start, YMCA or Big Brothers Big Sisters
- Celebrate and share stories of youth achievement in the community

Day 11: December 21


Share the gift of healing: share a hearty laugh, time of reflection, active activity with others.

- If someone you know is hurting, offer them company, an ear, a hug
- Look for opportunities to forgive
- Make a contribution to the Grand River Hospital Foundation or St Mary's Hospital Foundation

Day 12: December 22


Share the gift of opportunity: provide others with access to new experiences, new learning, new connections.

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