December 10-21, 2018


December 12th, 2017

The Centre for Peace Advancement: doing good for me and you

The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) is thrilled to be in partnership with the Kindred Credit Union for this 12days4good challenge. The peacebuilders who call the CPA home will be taking part in an act of collective advocacy during these 12 days. Our diverse community will gather to write letters to our political leaders about a local environmental issue. The goal of inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities is woven into the work of the CPA daily as we collaborate with peace academics, practitioners, and students to advance peace locally and globally.

Staff working out of the CPA wrote a poem to communicate how the CPA and our participants go about our work and what we believe!


The Centre for Peace Advancement

At Conrad Grebel University College

Works for our community’s enhancement

By incubating peace knowledge.


We work towards advancing peace

Globally and locally.

We believe that war and violence will cease

When conflict is tackled strategically.


Three programs operate under our roof.

They’re strategies of our own

To build the world we want to see

Where justice seeds are sown.


The Grebel Gallery explores peace through art

And shows three exhibits each year.

The art that hangs upon the walls

To our community becomes quite dear.


Our second program is all about  

Research projects and community relations.

Our Core Collaborators are without a doubt

Amazing academics and organizations.


Our Incubator supports social innovation

A new approach to systems change.

Peace is a difficult destination

Often systems must be rearranged.


That is a glimpse into the CPA

But at the heart of what we do

Is teach and build the many ways

To do good for me and you.

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