December 10-21, 2018


December 15th, 2017

What can we achieve?

After over a year of seeing so much seemingly negative news about our
world, it’s not hard to feel like we are entering into some sort of dark
time. That perhaps there is less good in this world now than there once
was. It is easy for us to let the gloomy headlines influence our view of
the world, and maybe wonder what happened to all the good.
Then, movements like 12 Days for Good come around. This is a time
where we get to stop and celebrate what good we have done. We get
to stop and celebrate the good our friends and neighbours do in this
community all the time.

In the spirit of such a positive movement, we also get to remind
ourselves that we can keep all this goodness going. Each one of us,
individually and collectively. Every day, we can choose to do some
good, no matter how big or small our actions may be.

I recently watched a documentary on the Voyager space mission. This
mission ultimately showed us how small we really are in this massive
universe that we are a part of. Yet we got to celebrate our greatness as
a species, as a planet. We saw our neighbouring planets up close for the
first time ever, we learned more about the similarities and differences
compared to Earth, and yet again we got to dream about all the
possibilities we, as a species, can strive to achieve.

So, what can we achieve individually? What can we achieve as a
community? I think we can achieve a lot. We already have achieved
many good things, but in the spirit of the voyager mission, we celebrate
what we have achieved and dream about all the good things we can do

Isn’t that what doing good is all about?

-by Darrick Hahn

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