Sustainable Waterloo Region looks forward to taking part in the #12days4good campaign to do good in our community by helping others and creating a strong foundation for the future. We’re organizing a non-perishable, vegetarian food drive for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. On our Do Gooder day, December 10, we will be delivering our food items to the Food Bank using an electric vehicle! This good deed aligns with our values, allows us to promote sustainability, and provides support to the community during the holidays!

Sustainable Waterloo Region is an environmental not-for-profit made up of volunteers, interns, and staff that help to enable local organizations and the community convert their interest in sustainability into action.

Sustainable Waterloo Region helps to find the intersection between return on investment and environmental sustainability, building community, setting a common results-oriented direction, and pushing the movement toward a shared vision of the future. To put goals into action, we focus on sustainability best practices, commuting behaviour, green buildings, community greenhouse gas impacts, electric vehicles, and more. With the incredible diversity and endless support from our amazing team, we have worked towards creating an environmentally and economically resilient community that prioritizes the well-being of current and future generations.